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Digital Dives Despite Rise in US Ad Volumes

Marketing Trend Summary: Although the volume of advertising in the USA increased in May, the exodus from digital media continues apace.

Following a seasonal pattern that has held sway during the past several years, the US advertising marketplace expanded in May despite April's hiccup. If the seasonal pattern continues, total ad volumes are predicted to decline this month (June) and onward through the summer, building again before heading into the fall when many major advertisers begin their ...

... seasonal marketing campaigns.

Viewed as a year-on-year basis, however, May’s total ad volume slid 2% from May 2014, suggesting a broader long-term shift toward non-traditional sources of marketing spending.

In fact, digital media spending expanded the most on a year-over-year basis, rising 24% over May 2014.

Within the overal digital arena, programmatic was one of the accelerating sectors, with ad exchanges and ad networks expanding 33% over May 2014.

The fastest growing sector, however, continues to be social, which expanded 59% year-on-year, due partly to an increase in programmatic trading via Facebook’s exchange.

Some of TV’s ad erosion is likely mitigated by a corresponding upsurge in digital video ad volume, which grew 29% in May 2014.

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