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UK Creative Industries Post Annual £7bn Boost

MarketingTrendTracker Summary: A new report reveals that the UK's creative industries are growing at double the rate of the nation's economy.

Statistics released by the UK government's Department for Culture, Media and Sport [DCMS] show that creative businesses - including advertisisng and marketing - contributed £84.1bn to the British economy in 2014, up from £77.1bn the previous year. In total, creative businesses accounted for ...

... 5.1% of Britain's overall economy.

Leading the creative boom is the design industry, with product, graphic and fashion design houses achieving 16.6% economic growth over the twelve month period. Architecture came a close second with 16.4%, while the film, TV, video, radio and photography industries secured third place in the DCMS rankings thanks to growth of 13.8%.

The advertising and marketing sector experienced year-on-year boost of 11% - the fourth best overall.

Job opportunities in the creative industries also soared by nearly 9% between 2013 and 2014, a growth rate almost double that of the UK's overall  economic growth, currently notching 4.6%.

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