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Smart Outdoor Billboards Snatch Data From Passers-By

Trend Summary: 'Smart' Billboards are lifting outdoor data-collection to a higher plane via innovative sensors, cameras and microphones.

According to the patent filed by Yahoo, the billboards could collect biometric data on passers-by, determining whether the audience corresponds to a target demographic. The billboards could also ...

... collect mobile device data or images to identify specific individuals in the target audience, while also indentifying specific vehicles and/or drivers.

Moreover, microphones could collect conversations revealing audience reaction to the ads, while proximity sensors show how close people get to the billboards and  eye-tracking sensors determine whether passers-by are looking at the ads and for how long.

At the same time image recognition techniques and mobile data could be used to create a more accurately focused profile of the audience.

Commented New York Senator Charles Schumer earlier this year: "They have huge amounts of information on you. "Who knows what they could use it for? It’s something straight out of a scary movie."

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[Estimated timeframe:Q4 2016]

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