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Age Is No Longer an Indicator of Consumer Attitudes

Trend Summary: Marketers should be aware that age has become an outdated indicator of consumer attitudes and behaviour.

According to Andrew Mulholland, managing director at London headquartered ad agency The Gild, brands should know about the so-called 'New Conservatism' in which a consumer's age is ... 

...  an outdated indicator of attitude and behaviour.

Posits Mr Mulholland: "Following a major new research study it is clear to us that age can no longer be taken as a short-cut to the attitudes, beliefs and motivations of any given age group".

"In fact, attitudes usually vary within the confines of a single demographic group more than they do across generations.

The Gild's recent Generation Study revealed that only 25% of consumers match a traditional age profile, thereby posing the question: Is 75% of targeting wrong?

Over half (59%) of Generation Z respondents describe their attitudes as being between ‘conservative’ and ‘moderate’ on issues including same-sex marriage, transgender rights and marijuana legislation.

Comments Mulholland: "Look at the data at a superficial level and we conclude they’re a conservative generation. Look more deeply and yes, more than expected are conservative, but plenty are not; some are extremely liberal".

"It’s also important to bear in mind that they’re currently of an age where they’re exploring their opinions and attitudes, so much could change, very quickly".

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[Estimated timeframe:Q4 2016]

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