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Emerging Nations Will Generate Over 2.5 Bn Smartphone Users by 2020.

Trend Summary: Marketers eyeing the global market are advised to think mobile, especially if targeting emerging markets.

According to "Emerging Markets: Changing the Game of Mobile Advertising," a new white paper published by mobile connectivity operator Jana, nations such as India, Mexico, Brazil and Indonesia will by 2020 collectively account for more than ...

... 2.5 billion smartphone users.

Growth will be spurred by Google's Android mobile operating system, which currently accounts forjust over half of all US smartphones, plus a global share of 88%.

However, the high cost of data discourages many users from downloading apps. According to UK newspaper The Guardian, 50% of smartphone users in India deactivate their data plans, a trend that has forced companies like Google-owned YouTube to create "lite" versions of their apps to reduce data usage.

Globally, video is on track to account for 70% of all mobile data traffic during the next five years.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2017]

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