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UK Government Urged to Probe Digital Advertising Supply Chain

Trend Summary: A leading media trade body has urged the UK Government to investigate the digital advertising supply chain.

The News Media Association [NMA], which represents national and local newsbrands in the UK, is requesting the government to take action to ensure that ...

... genuine news outlets can survive. 

According to The Times newspaper, the NMA's request came in a submission to the House of Commons culture committee's inquiry into fake news.

The request comes in the wake of concerns voiced by Procter & Gamble's CMO, Marc Pritchard, as well as a recent Times article about brands unwittingly serving programmatic ads on extremist websites.

Says NMA chairman  Ashely Highfield: "News media publishers are by far the biggest investors in original news content, accounting for 58% of the total UK investment".

He added, however: "But the digital supply chain rewards the distributors of content, not the originators. Government and regulators cannot ignore for ever the impact of the Google-Facebook duopoly on our media landscape".

Read the original unabridged article.

[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2017]

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