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MaaS Breaks New Ground Via Integrated Global Travel

Trend Summary: A revolution in travel known as MaaS [Mobility as a Service] offers an integrated global system of tailored to individuals travel needs.

MaaS will rely on a digital platform that integrates all aspects of trip planning—booking, ticketing, and paying—across all modes of transportation, whether public or private. No longer will a traveller need to research train times, book a flight and pay for a car ride. Instead with a single app ...

... MaaS, will handle it all.

According to UK-incorporated multinational professional services firm Deloitte, MaaS's goal is the creation of an integrated system of mobility so convenient “that consumers opt to relinquish their personal vehicles for city commuting because the MaaS alternative is more appealing.”

Moreover, Deloitte believes that a natural next step would be to capitalise on the popularity of these programs and, combining with trip-planning apps, integrate them into a single platform for customers to plan and pay for travel services.

To work effectively, MaaS would require the following conditions: Widespread penetration of smartphones on 3G/4G/5G networks; high levels of connectivity; secure, dynamic, up-to-date information on travel options, schedules, and updates; and cashless payment systems.”

Collaboration would be paramount between the transportation providers, local governing authorities, and payment processors, among others, who would all enable this to happen.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2017]

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