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Nielsen Says Hi To AI

Trend Summary:  Nielsen has added a layer of artificial intelligence to its marketing cloud to help publishers boost customer engagement.

Launched earlier this week, Nielsen is making a play in the AI game alongside a host of other marketing cloud vendors, among them Adobe, IBM, Salesforce, Microsoft and ...

... Maropost

Launched earlier this week, Nielsen Artificial Intelligence [NAI] aims to help advertisers and publishers develop targeted and segmented audiences in real-time.

NAI aggregates device-linked audience data across multiple platforms, including email, social, mobile, programmatic and search, and automatically optimizes audience segmentation for more targeted marketing content.

In addition to now incorporating NAI, Nielsen’s marketing cloud has also built-in analytics that evaluate campaign performance and make marketing adjustments on the fly predicted to boost overall ROI.

NAI is an adaptive technology, claiming to update automatically based on the most recent information it holds.

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