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Performance Media Set To Become the "New Programmatic” in TV Ads

Trend Summary: TV ads in the USA are about to undergo a huge shift in how they are bought and sold. 

The predicted upheaval isn’t only about recent announcements re audience-based TV ads – the OpenAP consortia from Fox, Turner and Viacom, as well as NBCU’s announcement that it would reserve $1bn of its inventory this year for...

... audience based sales. 

According to MediaPost journalist Dave Morgan, this change isn’t just about the big recent announcements about audience-based TV ads. Morgan believes that something even more fundamental is happening in media, and it’s going to have its biggest impact on TV.

The future of TV will be about performance. As media legend Alan Cohen proclaimed when he took over as president-Ceo of independent agency Quigley-Simpson earlier this year: “Performance media is where it’s at. It’s the new programmatic.”

Cohen also believes that performance media will dominates digital advertising, because it can be measured and optimised that way. And performance is what marketers truly want, fundamentally, when they buy.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q2 2017]

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