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US and European B2B Agencies Form Global Network

Trend Summary: Eight martech agencies in Europe and the USA have announced the formation of a network of B2B agencies.

Branded Martech Global the project comprises twenty-six agencies and circa six hundred B2B advertisers. The agency network launched yesterday in conjunction with ...

... the Marketo Summit in San Francisco, with founding members from Europe and the Americas.

According to Emma Storbacka, founder partner at Helsinki based agency Avaus, the main challenge for B2B agencies is that such agencies not only need to adopt new marketing technology, they must also learn how to work with the technology to drive business results.

Ms Storbacka also claims that "With more than 300 martech consultants and around 100 certified Marketo experts, we are one of the biggest Marketo partners globally".

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[Estimated timeframe:Q2 2017]

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