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Samsung Launches Smart Home WiFi System

Trend Summary: Smart home Wi-Fi connectivity and control is on the cusp of consolidating into a single network solution for consumers.

Samsung’s Connect Home smart Wi-Fi system, introduced at a launch event earlier this year, is set to hit the market later this week. For the first month of pre-orders, transnational consumer electronics corporation Best Buy will be the ... 

... exclusive retailer, according to Samsung.

According to Bill Lee, vice president of smart home product marketing at Samsung Electronics America, in addition to connecting to and managing smart home devices, the increasing number of connected devices within homes also requires faster Wi-Fi.

Says Lee: “Today’s smart homes have the power to deliver simple and efficient automation, but as families stream more content and buy more connected devices, it’s a struggle to get fast, reliable and extendable Wi-Fi coverage."

Enthuses Mr Lee: "With Samsung Connect Home, we’re redefining the whole home network to finally offer families a simple solution that expands Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home while offering the ability to monitor, automate and control smart devices using Samsung SmartThings.

The system can be configured using Samsung’s Connect smartphone app, which guides users through placing the units in the most effective locations, according to Samsung.

The app also includes connected device management capabilities, such as setting parental controls and granting guest access to the network.

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