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UK Media and Entertainment Brands Confident of Growth in 2017

Trend Summary: UK media and entertainment brands are the most confident about business growth in 2017.

UK based advertisers in the media and entertainment categories are the most confident group, predicting growth in their specific categories. Hard on their heels are advertisers in the ..

... pharmaceuticals & healthcare industries. 

These are the key findings from Zenith’s new biannual client survey. Ahead of marketers attending the Cannes Lions 2017 event Zenith wanted to discover what are the key drivers of growth and assess how confident marketers are about business growth in their respective categories.

Media and entertainment advertisers came out on top, recording a score of 82.1, followed by pharmaceuticals, healthcare and alcohol.

The lowest-scoring category was telecommunications, at 33.3, followed by food & drink and FMCG non-food categories.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q2 2017]

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Source: Zenith Optimedia
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