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Facebook Ceo Zuckerberg Unveils New World Vision

Trend Summary: Facebook Ceo Zuckerberg takes another step forward defining a new vision for the social-media company.

Mr Zuckerberg says he wants Facebook to help people build more robust communities offline, bringing the world closer together as ...

... his company grapples with its growing power in the world.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook’s focus over the next decade will be the creation of tools to build more community and bring the world closer together - a shift from the company's longtime motto “connect the world.”

“I used to think that if we just gave people a voice and helped them connect, that would make the world a lot better by itself,” Zuckerberg said earlier this week at an event in Chicago for circa 300 leaders of Facebook’s largest and frequently used groups on the platform.

Wiping back a tear the caring billionaire ($64.2bn in 2017 to date) confessed: “But our society is still divided. Now I believe we have a responsibility to do even more”.

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