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Media M&A Deals Remain Steady In Q2 2017

Trend Summary: Second-quarter media merger and acquisition deals in the USA continue at a strong pace.

London-based professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers reports that there were 232 media deals in Q2 2017, with circa $18.8bn in announced deals overall, higher than all quarterly ... 


... professional services network periods over the last two years bar one.

In Q1 2017 there were 255 deals totaling $10.4bn, whereas in Q2 2016 there were 192 deals with a total value of $48.9bn, compared with Q2 2015 with 225 deals totaling $75.9bn.

In the the second quarter of 2017, there were five deals of more than $1bn. The largest - Sinclair Broadcast Group - announced the purchase of Tribune Media for $3.8bn. Sinclair's stated aim is to create an even bigger leader when it comes to the number of TV stations owned by one company.

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