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Challengers Line Up To Rein-In Facebook

Trend Summary: Facebook’s role in the spread of divisive messages and outright falsehoods has led to soul-searching within the Zuckerberg empire.

 Fresh reports on a virtually daily basis reveal how unsuccessful Facebook's efforts have been to prevent axe-grinders from abusing its platform. Among the most most recent embarassing incidents is the UK ...

... legislators’ inquiry into whether Russians used Facebook to influence recent British elections, along with reports that atrocities in Myanmar may partially have been incited by fake news on Facebook.

Even before the latest wave of concerns, Facebook’s role in the spread of divisive messages and outright falsehoods had triggered soul-searching within the company, as well as a newfound humility at the top.

In a string of blog posts, Facebook founder/ceo Mark Zuckerberg promised to do more, including hiring 1,000 additional staff to review all political ads purchased on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the company's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg was recently dispatched to Washington, D.C on a charm offensive. 

According to Ryan Goodman, a professor at the New York University School of Law who researches Facebook’s legal and moral responsibilities: “The sleeping giant wakes up and realises just how unregulated it is.”

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