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Most Marketers Unprepared for EU's Upcoming Data Protection Law

Trend Summary: Most marketers remain unprepared for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR].

One thing is clear as marketers ready themselves for year 2018: They’re not yet prepared for today’s digital transformation - nor are they ready for the European Union's looming ...

... General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR].

According to Cambridge Massachusetts based Forrester Research, 80% of firms affected by the GDPR will not comply by next May.

Moreover, of those non-compliant companies, 50% will intentionally ignore the EU regulation. Predicts Forrester: "Firms have weighed the cost and risk factor and are taking a path that presents the best position for them."

Forrester also predicts that the remaining 50% of companies will try to comply and fail.

Moreover: “The sleeper issue of 2018 will not be compliance but how consumer advocate groups use GDPR to prosecute their agendas by using the regulation’s ‘right to be forgotten’ clause—exhausting companies’ resources and damaging their brands.”

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[Estimated timeframe:Q4 2017]

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