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Global Advertisers Ready To Re-Think Approach to Media

Trend Summary: Media complexity forces marketers into organisational rethink.

According to a new white paper from the World Federationh of Advertisers, leading global marketers are prepared to re-think their organisation’s approach to media given that the complexity of that environment ...

... increases.

The survey, based on a study of 71 individuals at 54 member companies, between them representing global adspend of more than $90bn, reports that the most common approach to media management is via dedicated media "generalists".

According to the study "specialists" can now be found at global HQ for almost half of respondents; of whom 87% agreed (41% strongly agreed) that “as the complexity of media increases, more specialists (programmatic managers in particular), will be required”.

In addition, procurement is highly engaged in global media, with 59% of businesses having procurement specialists with media as a remit.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q4 2017]

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