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Video Ads Are Changing Both For Viewers and Advertisers

Trend Summary: The video experience is changing in almost every way both for viewers and advertisers.

According to GroupM's latest State of Video report, video content is no longer constrained by schedules, location, or devices. Among the 48-page publication's key findings is that almost none of ...

...  these changes benefit the original advertisers who helped build the television economy in return for the brand-competitive advantages accruing from reach, scarcity and high barriers to entry.

Consequently advertisers, both traditional and new, must re-think audiences and use advanced segmentation; more traditional variations were once the keystones of mass marketing.

Comments report co-author Rob Norman, chief digital officer" at GroupM: "Our observations on the challengers to TV were somewhat predictable".

"The value of video maybe higher to consumers than advertisers but it’s clear that advertisers who make platform specific assets for relevant products will be most likely to succeed."

Read the original unabridged GroupM article.

[Estimated timeframe:Q4 2017]

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