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Ad Agencies, Media Owners Urged to Clean Up Their Act

Trend Summary: Advertisers, agencies, media, government and academia are to convene for a series of open forums.

Dubbed the Advertising Transparency & Trust Forum, the organisers describe themselves as a “non-partisan ad hoc working group” whose sole goal is to discuss the ...

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... current state of “trust systems” in the advertising world to see if better business practices can be developed. 

The forum’s agenda is being developed by Jerry Wind, professor of marketing at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, who is well known for tackling big industry problems.

According to Andrew Susman, vice president of Empower MediaMarketing, a Cincinnati based independent media agency that resigned from the American Association of Advertising Agencies last year when the latter failed to endorse and support media-buying transparency initiatives proposed by the Association of National Advertisers: 

Susman adds: “It’s become apparent that the current situation with no trust has become destructive to all parties”.

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Source: MediaPost.com
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