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'Internet of Things' Set to Enter Next Phase

Trend Summary: Ad agencies and inventors are starting to shape the 'Internet of Things'.

The digital world's rapid interweaving with the physical world is forcing tech companies and ad agencies to constantly hone up on the massive landscape of big data. Moreover some analysts and experts expect there will be as many as ...

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... fifty billion connected devices within the next three years.

International Data Corporation estimates that this trend could generate nearly $9 trillion in sales by 2020. While at this year's Consumer Electronics Show [CES] in Las Vegas a number of companies will debut IoT products that range from brilliant to wacky.

One exhibitor, Norwegian near-field-communication company Thinfilm Electronics, will be displaying its line of smart bottles that connect smartphones to social media and other websites, while manufacturing titan 3M will debut methodology that tracks breathing patterns and one's environment through wearable devices in ways that could help people with asthma or allergies.

Yet another company, Ozobot, will be showcasing its mini "social robots" that operate via colour command to help children learn to code. Moreover, visitors to CES will experience a cornucopia of of shiny new  connected cars, connected shoes and connected travel.

According to Brian David Johnson, a former futurist at Intel, now the futurist in residence at Arizona State University's Center for Science, the Internet of Things is finally entering its  "age of adolescence".

Johnson predicts that much of the original consumer-grade hype has focused on turning lights on and off and tracking fitness, whereas the next few years will see an inventive wave of maturity in which advertisers seem keen to play a part.

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