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'Human Viewable Impressions' Should Dictate Digital Media Buying

Trend Summary: The US ad industry has reached consensus that digital media-buying should be based on human, “viewable” impressions.

This was the focus of a one-day event in Manhattan last week, aptly named Conference on Time and Attention. According to Erin Rech, SVP for Digital Innovations and Investment at global media and ad agency UM Worldwide [aka Universal McCann], "We are learning more and more that ...

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... "not only does viewability matter but time and attention also.”

Ms Rech also noted that time and attention has already become a factor in “branded content” strategies and executions, and that agencies are just beginning to factor it into media time and attention planning [TAP] and starting to think about how it impacts “on your reach and frequency goals.”

Rech said classic reach and frequency planning remains “our business deliverable,” albeit that time and attention are beginning to emerge as “secondary KPIs” [key performance indicators] which agencies and brands factor into their planning, enabling them to weight or index the value of time spent with their ad messages.

However, notes Rech: “Reach and frequency still trumps.”

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[Estimated timeframe:Q3 2016]

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Source: MediaPost.com
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