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Global Smartphone Penetration to Hit 66% In 2018

Trend Summary: Smartphone penetration is predicted to reach 66% by 2018.

According to Zenith’s Mobile Advertising Forecasts 2017, published today, by 2018, 66% of individuals in fiifty two key countries will own a smartphone, an increase of ...

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... 3% in 2017 and 58% in 2016.

The spread of smartphones and other mobile devices is increasing the number of contacts between brands and consumers, by giving consumers new opportunities to connect to media content wherever they are, at any time in the day.

Some of these contacts take the form of paid advertising in third-party content, but mobile technology is also enabling broader brand experiences, such as branded content and social media engagement.

Western Europe and Asia Pacific continue to lead the world in smartphone ownership. Zenith predicts that predict that five markets will have smartphone penetration above 90% in 2018: the Netherlands (94%), Taiwan (93%), Hong Kong (92%), Norway and Ireland (each at 91%).

Moreover, eleven markets will have penetration levels between 80% and 90%, all of them in Western Europe and Asia Pacific with the exception of Israel, where penetration will be 86%.

The country with the highest number of smartphone users will be China, with 1.3bn users, followed by India, with 530 million users. The USA will come third, with 229 million users.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q3 2017]

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Source: Zenith’s Mobile Advertising Forecasts 2017
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