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Teens Prefer Algorithms To Human Editors in Story Selection

Trend Summary: Recent research reveals that teenagers trust algorithms to select stories nearly twice as much as they trust human editors.

According to the latest findings of the Edelman Trust Barometer published by the Chicago and New York based PR firm, teenagers trust algorithms to select stories nearly twice as much as they trust ...

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... human editors.

Conversely, whilst teenagers are more trusting of traditional media such as TV, radio and newspapers than adults, they also place mounting importance on facts in a ‘filter bubble’ era while concurrently trusting algorithms more than human editors to select stories for them.

The study, which sampled one thousand 16-18-year-olds, found that despite being the social media generation, the teenagers surveyed are uncomfortable with the pace of change.

Three in five are concerned about the pace of change in social media, while two in five are concerned about Artificial Intelligence and robotics, eclipsing the concerns from adults.

Nearly half the young adults feel the pace of change in mobile technology is too fast, whilst paradoxically investing greater trust in traditional media than adults by a margin of 59% to 48%, whilst more than eight in ten of respondents say they are regularly engaging with current affairs.

Read the original unabridged The Drum.com article.

[Estimated timeframe:Q1 2017]

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Source: The Drum.com
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