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EU Moves to Impose New Data Retention Law

Trend Summary: The European Commission is mulling a new law requiring telecoms companies to store communications data of EU citizens.

Following the European Court of Justice's recent rejection (on privacy concerns) of a proposed new law to fight terrorism, the European Commission is mulling new legislation that will compel telecom companies to retain the communications data of all EU citizens. The move was  triggered by the murderous Islamist attacks in Paris last month, focussing the attention of European Union leaders on how best to ... 

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... intensify counter-terrorism efforts within the EU.

For example this might require the creation of an EU-wide system for storing all airline passenger data.

This would require a careful balancing act, as the EU Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos notes: "On the one hand, the fundamental role that telecommunications records could play in the fight against terrorism and, on the other, the importance of adopting a cautious and measured approach".

According to the minutes of the Commission's meeting, Mr Avramopoulos intends to launch a consultation on the issue to determine whether a new law on data retention that respects privacy rights could be prepared over the coming year.

Following the proposed law's initial rejection by the European Court in 2014, Britain rushed through emergency legislation requiring UK-based telecoms firms to retain customer data for one year thereby prompting criticism from privacy campaigners.

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Source: Reuters.com
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