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Asian Tech Giants Team Up to Exploit Advanced Programmatic Technology

Trend Summary: Singapore and China based technology giants partner to develop AI-powered advertising products.

A strategic partnership between Singapore based Amnet and Chinese information technology company iIFlytek, was announced yesterday March 25th and will encompass advanced programmatic technology, involving ...

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...  big data and artificial intelligence, aiming to drive better performance and deeper intelligence for advertisers and marketers.

Amnet will have access to iFlytek’s expertise in machine learning, voice recognition and big data analytics, while iFlytek aims to use the deal to expand its services beyond AI technology to incorporate data-driven advertising.

iFlytek, which was founded in 1999, is one of China’s leading tech companies specialising in intelligent speech and language technologies. It has 70% of China’s speech technology market, having created the application largely referred to as 'China’s Siri' and also created China’s first AI project, iFlytek Hyper Brain.

According to Lawrence Wan, managing director of Amnet China: “With our iFlytek strategic partnership, we are exclusively co-developing breakthrough products that will fundamentally evolve advertising to a new level. This includes tapping into their marketing leading connection into China’s intelligent TV’s smart homes and intelligent cars, amongst others.“

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