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Microsoft Declares War on Malware Via Advanced AI

Trend Summary: Microsoft's next big Windows 10 update will feature AI-powered malware defenses.

In the last two months we've seen a pair of massive malware outbreaks that compromised computers around the globe. In May it was WannaCry. This week, the Petya ransomware has been ...

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... ravaging marketers systems. 

Which is why Microsoft's next big Windows 10 update will feature AI-powered malware defenses.

It's the next big evolution of Windows Defender, which has come a long, long way since it first started taking shape back in 2004.

In 2017, however, an anti-malware app can't get by on definition updates alone.

These days security software needs to be smarter. It needs to be able to watch what your computer is doing, to gather and interpret clues, and to use that information to determine when something malicious is going on and intervene before something disastrous happens.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q2 2017]

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Source: Forbes.com
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