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Cloud Computing Usership Surges

Trend Summary: Cloud startups are now selling computing power and storage for prices at or below Amazon’s and Google’s.

US-based 'cloud' comuting startups such as DigitalOcean and Backblaze have begun to compete for customers versus such titans as Amazon.com, Microsoft and Google. These startups have managed to underbid the giants in certain markets by keeping expenses relatively low, either by writing their own versions of the software needed to run a cloud or by handcrafting the hardware ...

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... needed to house one.

Cloud computing, or in simpler shorthand  "The cloud", also focuses on maximising the effectiveness of the shared resources. Cloud resources are usually not only shared by multiple users but are also dynamically reallocated per demand.

“All the tools we’re using really pay dividends,” says DigitalOcean Ceo Ben Uretsky. “I think that gives us a leg up.”

DigitalOcean rents out its computers for $10 per month or a penny and a half an hour, a price comparable to or below those at Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, according to researcher Scalyr, a specialist in fast search and analysis of operational data.

DigitalOcean is managing more than 100 million gigabytes of data, about the size of Facebook’s video and photo library when it went public in 2012.

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Source: Bloomberg.com
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