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Internet of Things "Misunderstood" IBM Tech Guru Claims

Trend Summary: Technology is advancing at an unparalleled pace and global tech companies have never previously made such a profound impact on the world.

yes According to Rob High, vice president and chief technology officer at IBM Watson, this is a trend that could advance in ...

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... less apparent ways.

​Mr High believes that technology and the Internet of Things [IoT] will advance human abilities, claiming that it would do so in ways that we can't yet imagine.

"When you think about what it was like ten or fifteen years before smartphones, could we have then then imagined the way that these things would impact our lives?

"I suspect that technology will impact us in just as profound a way and even more so than it has so far. I'm not sure we can fully predict how it is going to augment us other than to say that by helping us to overcome our own limitations we are going to start to begin to see the world in a different way and imagine the possibilities in a different way, make choices in a different way and be inspired in ways that people only have a slight hint at understanding now".

It's going to be an extremely remarkable and fun time to live through these changes in society and the potential is going to be great for us."

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