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Eurozone Economy Overtook USA Over Past Eighteen Months

Trend Summary: Over the last eighteen months the Eurozone Currency area’s GDP has grown faster than that of the USA.

The Eurozone’s economy quickened in Q2 2017, raising expectations that by 2018 the European Central Bank will begin to phase out its stimulus measures as the region gradually emerges from ...


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... the shadow of the past decade’s financial crises.

The acceleration in the Eurozone’s recovery means it is playing a more equal role with the USA in driving global growth. Over the past eighteen months, the region has grown slightly faster than the USA, after lagging well behind in 2015 and prior years.

According to the Central Bank, if that pattern continues global economic growth should be stronger this year.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q3 2017]

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Source: WSJ.com
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