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Auto Sales, Barometer of US Economic Health, Declined in March

Trend Summary: Car sales - the barometer of America's economic health - took a dive during March.

March 2017 saw US auto sales sag to a third consecutive monthly decline, a worrying indication that years of sales growth have ...



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... finally come to an end.

​According to a report by Associated Press auto writer Tom Krisher, the auto industry isn't worried.

It's making solid money selling reams of SUVs and trucks to consumers who are loading up on expensive features. But some analysts see large inventories of cars as a looming problem. Car sales were down almost 11%, although truck and SUV sales rose 5.2%, reports  Autodata Corp.

Hyundai suffered the biggest decline at 8%, followed by Ford at 7.5%, as popular car models such as the Sonata and Fusion suffered big decreases. Fiat Chrysler sales tumbled 5%t, while Toyota fell 2% and Honda just under 1%.

However, Nissan sales rose over 3%, while Volkswagen gained just under 3% and General Motors posted an increase of just under 2%, all helped by SUV sales.

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Source: Yahoo.com
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