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Are Bots Set To Invade Madison Avenue?

Trend Summary: A US based investment management firm is working on machines to replace middle managers within five years.

The world's largest hedge fund, Westport Connecticut based Bridgewater Associates, is planning to replace its tier of middle management with artificial intelligence [AI] Bots over the coming ... 

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... five years.

According to a report in Business Insider the company, which currently manages $150bn in funds, has revealed in a note to clients that it will start laying off employees.

The bulk of the cuts will impact upon the company's back-of-the-house workforce, specifically technology, recruiting, facilities, and management services,

The layoffs will also lead to significant changes to processes and technologies.

Moreover, according to MediaPost journalist George Simpson, it might be argued that with algorithms, programmatic and the beginnings of AI continuing to grow, the advertising industry is not long for this world.

Notes Mr Simpson wryly: "And given the quality of most of the Super Bowl ads this year, the whole argument about the need for human creative is pretty much out the window at this point".

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