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Mars UK Moves Marketing Data Inhouse

Trend Summary: Marketers are finally waking up to the value of their owned data, sharpening how they collect, organise and activate these insights.

The UK arm of US-owned Mars Inc, the multinational manufacturer of confectionery, food, petcare and drinks products, typifies the nascent trend towards exclusive ownership of its data, as opposed to entrusting such key information to third parties. According to an article in yesterday's ad trade publication The Drum, Mars felt it was drowning in the sea of data it holds on ...

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... its milions of shoppers.

According to UK ad trade journal The Drum, whether it’s data from sales or from marketing, there’s a dense web Mars needs to unravel before it can understand why people are more likely to purchase, say, a Snickers bar on one day than they are on another.

Dan Burdett, global brand director for Snickers told The Drum: “We need to understand why managing and keeping your own data is important”.

“In the past, we, along with other companies, have fallen into the trap of allowing the data and information to be held by third parties, and I think you only get value out of the information when you’re able to interpret and interrogate it in a way that bypasses having to rely on third parties to give you the bits of information that they’re keen for you to see, but are keeping the bits that they think are better for themselves.”

Mars Inc's reluctance to share its first party data – in particular the insights generated by it - is also shared by peers like Mondelez, which earlier this year told The Drum that coming up to a solution was akin to “treading carefully in a land of giants”.

Read the original unabridged The Drum article.

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