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Generation X Muscles-In On US Boardrooms

Trend Summary: As older baby boomers retire, major US companies are turning to members of Gen X, those born circa 1965-1980.

Yesterday's edition of The Wall Street Journal reports that an increasing number of younger US baby boomers, now in their mid-50s, are taking over the leadership of major companies. Among firms that have recently appointed CEOs aged fifty or less are McDonald’s, Harley-Davidson, Microsoft and 21st Century Fox. According to the WSJ, management experts believe that ... 

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... younger bosses tend to share certain qualities.

As members of the first generation to use personal computers from childhood, the boomers are generally more tech savvy.

Moreover, they also spend more time wooing and retaining younger employees, whilst focussing on keeping products and services relevant to rising millennials - a group projected to constitute 75% of the workforce by 2025.

The WSJ article quotes Christopher H Franklin, 50 years old, who this month became ceo at Aqua America Inc, a water utility in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

Mr Franklin believes his generation of leaders is more focused on talent an technology than their predecessors were. He says he wants to delve deeper into hiring and retention than many chiefs typically do, in part by having Aqua’s VP of human resources report directly to him rather than to the general counsel.

“Talent acquisition and retention is a huge component of what we [new CEOs] need to think about,” Franklin said in an interview. “That is where you get to set the culture.”

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