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Marketers Increasingly Conduct Consumer Conversation Via Bots and AI

Trend Summary: AI and bots are changing the consumer conversation, brand marketers claim. 

Artificial intelligence and bots are still in the early stages of development, although for a group of brand representatives attending the annual South by Southwest [SXSW] interactive media event in Austin Texas, utilising AI technologies is simply about ...

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... being where their customers are.

Which in turn increasingly involves being in their homes and on their cellphones.

In a panel at SXSW titled Talk to the Brand: AI, Bots and Conversational Marketing, the discussion centred around pushing forward new bots and gauging the response to the technologies by their consumers.

Moderator Fred Schonenberg, founder of VentureFuel, first asked if we really needed bots in our lives, and the response from the panel was a resounding ‘yes’.

According to  Sam Olstein, global director of innovation for GE Corporation: “There’s absolutely a purpose for a bot in our lives. A good bot does one thing really well, and that’s it. If it can crush it, that’s key,” he said.

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