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Marketers Set to Adopt Facial Recognition Targeting

Trend Summary: Advances in facial recognition software trigger concerns over privacy.

A Russian startup, NTLab, is about to launch a potentially controversial package that correctly matches 73% of people to a large photo database. The technology was recently put to the test when Russian clubgoers flocked to the ...

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... the nation’s biggest electronic music festival this summer, where they didn’t need to bring a camera or even their phones.

The photo database's  implications for marketers are potentially enormous, although the startup also admits to negotiations to sell its products, to state-affiliated security firms in China and Turkey, along with other nations with poor civil liberties records.

However, the company's youthful founders, 26-year-old Mr Kukharenko and 29-year-old Mr Kabakov, insist there are no grounds for fears that their technology could end up in the wrong hands.

According to Mr Kabakov, these days ownership of a smartphone is ubiquitous, meaning that you can’t opt out of surveillance. "There is no private life. Your government can control you now."

"You take your iPhone or Android phone and it has information about your behaviour, your movements, about what you buy, about who you are talking to.”

Marketers are already salivating!

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Source: WSJ.com
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