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Women are focus of Unilever’s engagement initiative

London agency Face has co-created pilot-testing programmes for brands such as Unilever’s Surf and Comfort, GlaxoSmithKline’s Aquafresh and Boots. The tests found that more women participate in brand research carried out online, as they can do so at a time that suits them.

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Unilever global consumer market insight director of Surf and Skip, Anna Madeiros, says: “The development of Mindbubble will help us to creatively and rapidly evolve a new product offering, all the while engaging with and reinforcing our commitment to our target market – women.”

Increasing numbers of brands, from Nokia to BP, are using digital means to create ongoing relationships with target consumers.

Community sites targeted at women were one of the early web success stories, with iVillage, now owned by NBC-Universal, and Hearst’s Handbag close to celebrating their first decade as mass market popular sites.

Since then brands such as Mothercare and Nestlé have sought to create their own community sites such as Gurgle.com.

[Estimated timeframe:Q2 2009-onward]

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