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Google Moves In On Artificial Intelligence for Marketers

Trend Summary: At its recent I/O [Input/Output] conference Google told marketers and advertisers it’s time for those who hesitated to take another look.

For many years, the idea of delivering robust personalisation and relevance in online advertising was aspirational, causing some marketers to pause. However, according to Ben Rubenstein, president of Denver based Possible Mobile, a developer of iOS and Android mobile apps for popular major brands it's ...


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... time for those who hesitated to take another look.

Google positioned Instant Apps as an on-boarding tool for new users of the full app. However, marketers will now also have the ability to provide a slimmed-down version that may suffice in scenarios like one-day visits to a city or attendance at a two-day music festival.

These apps appear in Google search results and there could be multiple versions of the slimmed down app in order to match the users search term and needs.

The experience is seamless to the user and will create a new vector to generating a sale or an app install.

The ability to execute a transaction in the app may actually downplay the need for a full install in some instances. The difficulty of getting a full app into an instant app will vary; Google provided a 4 to 6 week level of effort.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q2 2017]

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