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Facebook To Reveal Ambitious New Hardware Group

Trend Summary: Facebook’s secretive and ambitious hardware group is preparing for its debut next month.

The all-star roster of tech veterans that Facebook began assembling one year ago is quietly making progress, steadily expanding its ranks and ...

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... the hardware prototypes under development.

According to Business Insider, the group, known as Building 8, currently has four simultaneous projects underway, including everything from cameras and augmented reality to science fiction-like brain scanning technology.  

Moreover, Facebook is already thinking about the coming-out party for its impending family of gadgets, laying the groundwork to drum up interest and sell the new products when the time is right.

However, Building 8 has yet to unveil any of its products, although insiders say that the hardware group is expected to play a key role in Facebook’s developer conference next month, expanding upon CEO Mark Zuckerberg's ten-year vision for the company, revealed at last year's event.

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Source: Yahoo.com
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