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P&G Marketing Boss Urges Marketers to 'Dig In' on Media Issues

Trend Summary: P&G Marketing chief urges CMOs to 'Dig In' on media issues.

Addressing the Association of National Advertisers Media Conference last week, Procter & Gamble's Chief Brand Officer Mark Pritchard got tough on ...

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... media-agency contracts and digital audience measurement.

Mr Pritchard said not much had happened on those issues until he took personal responsibility for understanding things, even reading the Media Rating Council's viewability standard, which he jokingly called "riveting."

Pritchard said he had listened intently at ANA board meetings for years, "and understood about a tenth of it." "Then I would go back and delegate to someone".

On ad agency contracts he'd hear from his people: "We looked into it. There's no problem". Then I'd say: 'We need to get verification on this viewability.' And they'd say, 'We're best in class.' Over time it started to strike me that maybe there's something not quite right."

Advises Mr Pritchard: On such issues as programmatic media buying CMOs should "dig in. Go understand every step".

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