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Trend Summary: Earning the trust of dwindling numbers of the younger generation online has become increasingly difficult. 

A report released today by ChiefMarketer.com reveals that brand awareness has become increasingly important, requiring established companies to ...

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... reinvent themselves.

Instead of planning broad, individual, successively scheduled campaigns, many marketers are instead launching multiple campaigns specifically targeted at micro-target groups continuously run in parallel.

Instead of mass communication, personalisation has becom common, replacing slogans and stories.

Likewise, instead of broadcasting marketing content mainly in advertising slots and commercials, regardless of whether it interests the audience or not [paid advertising],  the ultimate challenge today is to deliver content that is interesting enough to be shared between friends [earned advertising]. 

Content marketing is a key discipline in today’s digital marketing. To master all of these challenges, marketing needs to reorganise itself. Specifically it needs technology, organisation, oversight and control systems.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q4 2017]

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