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Digital Imaturity Is Stumbling Block For B2B Marketers

Trend Summary: B2B marketers cite lack of 'digital maturity' as a stumbling block to growth and success. 

According to recent data from eMarketer and MIT Sloan Management Review, many B2B marketers and managers realise that there are steps their organisations must  take in order to ...

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... increase their company’s digital maturity.

Despite this realisation nearly 40% of marketers agree that their company needs to improve digital strategy and innovation.

Moreover, 23% of the survey sample said their organisation needs to develop better recruitment strategies, as well as managing and developing their progress.

A further 13% said their company needs to better develop and deploy digital capabilities, such as cloud and analytics.

Despite these hurdles, most marketers agreed that a digital transformation is necessary not only to remain competitive, but also to keep pace with disruptive technologies and evolve with shifting consumer expectations.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q3 2017]

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Source: TheDrum.com
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