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UK Formula One Grand Prix Pioneers Instant Crowd Feedback

Bottom Line: In what could soon become standard practice at major live events, instant feedback via attendees' mobiles can be analysed, reported and actioned.

A new instant consumer research tool made its debut at last weekend’s Silverstone Formula One British Grand Prix, where attendees were invited to use their mobile phones to provide real-time feedback on the event via QR codes and SMS. The instant data was processed by Feedback Ferret’s customer opinion analysis system. Based on contextual analysis of customers' comments, the new service will be used to ... 

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... improve the customer experience at live events, ranging from motor sport to 'experience' days and corporate functions.

The use of real-time feedback channels in addition to web feedback forms and post-event emails is part of Silverstone’s strategy to make it as easy as possible for fans to provide feedback via their preferred communications channel. 

The digital feedback analysis platform enables event promoters to collect, analyse and report on fans' opinions, benefitting from instant automated analysis of the topics, sentiments and attitudes expressed.

It also replaces lengthy tickbox surveys with a new format that requests a Net Promoter Score (NPS) and invites fans to provide open-ended comments, providing context to their NPS rating.

The new system also offers deeper intelligence and actionable insights than paper-based questionnaires. Via its text analysis engine,  venues are able to analyse thousands of verbatim comments from attendees.

[Estimated timeframe: Q3 2011 onward]

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Source: FeedbackFerret.com
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