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Cisco Seers See 15bn Web-Connected Devices Worldwide by 2015

Bottom Line: Web traffic will quadruple over next four years, with the global web population topping three billion.

Come 2015, one million minutes of online video will be watched every second, predicts US data and networking systems titan Cisco - just one of a raft of mind-numbing numbers flaunted in the company's fifth annual forecast of upcoming trends. Moreover, the  number of internet connected devices is set to proliferate during the same period, reaching more than 15 billion - twice the world's population. Unsurprisingly, this quadrupling of traffic will raise a number of serious issues warns Cisco vp for global marketing Suraj Shettey ...

[Estimated timeframe: Q3 2011 - 2015]

... "We are running out of IPv4 (internet protocol version 4) addresses and the adoption of IPv6 is going to be front and centre of everything for the next several years. All this is putting a lot of pressure on the internet and the next generation internet faces issues handling not just the proliferation of these devices but how they are going to grow and be intelligent enough to be connected to you. The most important question we face is how to manage all this traffic intelligently?"

The internet as it currently exists is nearing the exhaustion point of IPv4 addresses. Every device needs one of these addresses to send and receive data online.

When IPv4 was created in the cyber Dark-Age of 1977, its pool of 4.3 billion addresses was though to be more than adequate for the foreseeable future. But no-one foresaw sufficiently far!

The rise in the number of mobile devices, laptops and connected machines has helped exhaust the stock of available IPv4 addresses, the last batch of which was distributed in February by the responsible body, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Industry experts believe the final batch could be consumed as early as August.

Says Cisco's Shetty: "We are running out of IPv4 addresses and the adoption of IPv6 is going to be front and centre of everything for the next several years."

There are trillions of available IPv6 addresses but persuading companies to move to IPv6 has been a slow process.

From June 8 Cisco will be joined by US telecom giant Verizon, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Time Warner, Comcast and many others in testing IPv6.

This will allow all concerned to check the compatibility of with IPv6 with websites and associated networking technologies.

According to Ed Horely, joint-chairman of the California IPv6 Task Force: "They need to do this to be able to meet the needs and demands of all the existing devices like cell phones, iPads and PCs - but also all the future devices that we will want connected to the internet.

"IPv6 will be critical in avoiding the potential consumer riot due to lack of internet addresses for their portable devices to gain access to the internet and many of the cloud services being deployed today."

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Source: BBC.co.uk
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