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Major Advertisers See Media as a 'Complex Headache'

Trend Summary: Most advertisers perceive media as a 'complex headache'.

A survey of marketers and media agencies conducted in January and February 2017 found that both groups believe advertisers media decisions primarily remain ...

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... procurement-based.

The study, conducted by London headquartered media consultantancy ID Comms, also found that both groups (between them accounting for 79% of the survey's respondents) are convinced that such an approach is wrong and that media decisions should be based on strategic marketing factors, not just costs.

The study is based on answers from 178 marketing, media and procurement professionals around the world, primarily from Europe (74%) and the USA (18%).

The brands surveyed spend more than $22bn on global advertising annually, while the agency respondents came from all the major holding groups and independents.

Overall, 97% of respondents strongly agreed that “advertisers who take a more strategic and thoughtful approach to media will deliver a stronger marketing performance.”

Ninety-two percent of the agency respondents also felt that way, as as did 81% of the advertisers polled.

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Source: MediaPost.com
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