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Marketers, Ad Agencies Divided Over Data Ownership

Trend Summary: Ad Execs are united on data ownership but divided as to whether it belongs to agencies or clients.

Way back in February 2009 WPP owned GroupM, the world's largest buyer of media, quietly altered the terms and conditions of its    online advertising buys with publishers, including one that today is  ...

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... stirring a major debate over data ownership in the online advertising marketplace.

In 2009, GroupM changed the wording on all the invoices it exchanged with publishers, asserting that data generated by ads served belongs to the “agency/advertiser.”

Since then the amount of data has grown exponentially, but has also increasingly become consolidated within so-called “walled gardens” such as Google and Facebook, which have become gatekeepers for targeting consumers with digital ads.

This trend has caused a rift and increasing consternation in adland, as well as among major brands, and is one of the main reasons GroupM has reorganised its digital data infrastructure around its own “platform,” dubbed [m]Platform, announced this week.

Unsurprisingly, a majority of marketers (60%) believe they are the rightful owner of this data, although nearly half (49%) believe the agency has equal ownership.

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[Estimated timeframe:Q4 2016]

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Source: MediaPost.com
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