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Outdoor Digital Advertising in UK Gets Smarter

Trend Summary: Out-of-home advertising in the UK has registered huge growth in 2015, prompting a rise in spend in the channel.

According to ad trade magazine Marketing Week, the evolution of out-of-home [OOH] advertising is set to continue throughout 2016, with the introduction of automated buying via a 10-digit code that enables automated trading of digital billboards between ...

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... media agencies and site owners.

According to the UK's marketing body for the industry, Outsmart (previously known as the Outdoor Media Centre) the 10-digit code allocator, named 'Space', will reduce the number of human input hours formerly devoted to OOH ad trading and planning.

Says Alan Brydon, Outsmart's ceo: “Instead of humans having to do hours [of work], machines can talk to each other and do the same work more quickly”.  

“In any business, if you can get the functional stuff out of the way, your talented people can spend more time doing what is important – having good ideas and working with customers to get better solutions.”

Another innovation announced this month is from Ocean Outdoor, which is gearing up to launch another trading system, The Loop Live, in 2016. This enables brands to buy OOH advertising by the number of ‘impacts’. Advertisers will be able to decide on the audience, time and locations and, using that data, Ocean’s system will optimise the campaign across screens.

The Outsmart system will be rolled-out to twenty double-sided digital screens in twelve locations in Birmingham's city centre, providing full-motion, real-time ad placements. They are also fitted with cameras and NFC [Near Field Communication] technology. The trading system will also be available for other Ocean Outdoor sites known as The Grid, which consists of eight digital screens in six cities.

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Source: MarketingWeek.com
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