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Revival Predicted for UK Magazine Industry

Trend Summary: 2017 is predicted to be the year of resurgence for magazines in the UK.

Innovation and audience-led solutions will be the key to success for British magazines in 2017, despite the fact that print media as a whole hasn’t been attracting the right sort of headlines due to ...

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... falling audiences and sliding revenues.

According to Sarah Hennessy, managing director at advertising  and media planning agency MEC UK, 2017 could be the year magazines re-emerge as a viable medium with a long-term future.

Ms Hennessy aclnowledges that there are challenges however, with the prospect of further consolidation leading to uncertainty.

Nonetheless, she notes a sense of buoyancy in the sector with magazine publishers seeking innovative ways in which to further engage their audiences, leading to a deeper brand experience.

Despite a cloud of overall decline, Hennessy sees a silver lining for the industry.

This, coupled with improvements in measurement that will catch up with multiplatform behaviour, signals a better growth story for magazines. In sum, says Hennessy, "I wouldn’t write off the magazines sector."

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