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Microsoft Sets Its 'Storytelling' Sights On Journalists

Trend Summary: Microsoft has introduced its Power BI program to journalists, claiming 'effective data storytelling'.

According to US technology news site Geekwire, Microsoft today released Power BI, a new pilot program dedicated to journalists, enabling effective data storytelling which includes ...

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... visualisation, graphics and insights.

Microsoft Ceo Satya Nadella recently said that 'data is the new electricity' and as Power BI is free to use, the business intelligence tools are meant to simplify complex sets of data and enhance the overall story.

Branded as the Data Journalism Program, Power BI features five video courses on “visualisation methodology for effective data storytelling” with accompanying demos for Power BI.

The courses include an introduction to visualisation, an overview on data exploration, detail on truthful visualisation, tips for choosing the right graphics, and insights on design and narrative.

Read the original unabridged Geekwire.com article.

[Estimated timeframe:Q4 2016]

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Source: Geekwire.com
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