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Time Inc Embraces New Approach To Selling Ad Space

Trend Summary: Time Inc. is embracing a category-focused, more streamlined approach to selling advertising to agencies and clients.

As a self-styled "digital-first company," Time Inc is attempting to keep pace with tech giants like Google, Facebook and Comcast, in addition to fellow magazine publishers like ...

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... Hearst and Condé Nast.

According to Mark Ellis, president and COO of sales and marketing at Time Inc, the competition has changed. Says Ellis of powerhouses such as Facebook and Google: "I wouldn't say we copied them ... but it is a similar approach."

Comparing Time Inc's old, more brand-focused approach to the new strategy Ellis admits: "It was confusing, it was redundant, but now we're operating one-stop shopping."

Looking forward, Ellis projects that 60% of sales business will be covered by the category sales structure and 40% from brand sales, with digital spread across both.

However, while Time Inc is positioning the move toward a category-focused approach as "forward-looking," the company's success probably still rests on the power of the magazine brands that comprise it.

Summarises Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi's school of journalism: "I truly believe that advertisers and sales folks are still in the business of selling and buying name brands. "Beauty means nothing unless there are beauty magazines, and politics means nothing unless there is a Time magazine."

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