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Carat Forecasts Global Ad Recovery in 2014

Bottom Line: Media communications agency Carat foresees continued global growth of 3% for 2013, accelerating to 4.5% in 2014.

Carat, the global media arm of Aegis, owned by Japanese advertising titan Dentsu, today published its updated forecast for global advertising expenditure in 2013 and 2014. The forecast is based on data received from fifty-seven markets around the world, prompting Carat to predict modest but ... 

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... positive momentum for global advertising expenditure in 2013 and 2014.

Carat predicts global advertising expenditure will grow by +3% in 2013, a slight decline from the +3.7% predicted in March 2013, and global advertising spend forecast for 2014 will grow by +4.5%, also down fractionally from the previous forecast of +5.0% in March 2013.

A full recovery to positive growth in all regions in 2014 is predicted.

After two consecutive years of market decline, Western Europe is predicted to experience a slow and gradual recovery even in markets registering double digit decline in 2013, such as Greece and Portugal.

Commenting on the Carat forecasts, Jerry Buhlmann CEO of Aegis Media and Dentsu Aegis Network, said:

"Carat's latest adspend forecasts highlight the positive momentum and global growth for 2013, a year which has proven extremely challenging for some markets to maintain their 2012 ad spend levels, in light of the poor recovery of the global economy.

"In parallel to this, the new trend of a three-speed world is reinforced, with the rates of growth in the faster growing markets remaining ahead of steadily recovering markets, such as the US, followed by the struggling Eurozone markets.

"Looking ahead, Carat's forecasts do however predict that we are at a significant point of change with all regions expected to see a steady recovery in 2014, even those currently experiencing deep declines for 2013.

[Estimated timeframe: Q4 2014 onward]

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Source: AegisMedia.com
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